Sigma Kappa

Chapter Chairmen

Chapter Chairmen

Emily Alexis

Social Chair

Major: Psychology with a Minor in Business Administration Sigma Kappa has opened many doors for me. I not only had leadership opportunities with Sigma Kappa as CMC, but I also have the opportunity to volunteer for a Philanthropy that is close to my heart, The Alzheimer's Association. I also have a whole new social circle filled with girls who I study with, eat with, and hang out with. The potential of my college experience has exponentially improved since joining this sorority. I'm looking forward to planning the best parties that Lambda Alpha has ever experienced!

Morgan Jemison

Sigma Kappa Triangle Correspondent

Major: Journalism concentration with a minor in Political Science/Pre-Law For me, Sigma Kappa means being able to grow as a person and find who you are and being able to do so in a loving environment with your sister. It's being part of something bigger than yourself and upholding the values shared by you and your sisters. It's also amazing to have the opportunity to not just raise money for a charity, but to directly impact your community through hands on service.

Diana Hernandez

Sisterhood Chairman

Major: Bio/Pre-med To me, Sigma Kappa means that you will always have a support system. It means having the ability to achieve your goals but not having to do it alone if you don't want to. It means being able to help people through service and philanthropy. To be in Sigma Kappa means to grow and mature as a person and a leader.

Peyton Givan

Continuing Membership Chair

Major: Marine Biology I am looking forward to providing a relaxing environment for potential new members and participating more in depth in my sorority!

Michaela McLeod

External Philanthropy Chairman

Major: Secondary Education and English with a minor in Philosophy I look forward to increasing Sigma Kappa's presence on campus, working with the rest of Greek life, and having fun with my sisters as we help to raise money for various organizations.

Emily Boschulte

Ritual and Activities Chairman

Major: Psychology I'm looking forward to helping our chapter keep to traditions and making sure we’re doing our part in society!

Sydnie Lee

PR Chairman, Webmaster, and Historian

Major: Public Relations and Advertising Sigma Kappa means always having a support system and a group of friends to hold me accountable. Through Sigma Kappa I've been able to grow as a person and a leader.